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Beyond the Display: Integrating Audio-Visual Innovation in Modern Retail Spaces


The retail landscape in 2024 is undergoing a radical transformation, driven by innovative store designs and the integration of cutting-edge technology. In this dynamic era, audio-visual (AV) technology is not just an add-on but a central component of retail strategy, redefining how customers experience and interact with brands. As an audio-visual company, AVT stands at […]

Revolutionizing Retail: How Digital Signage is Changing the Game


Online market spaces have taken center stage during the recent lock-downs we experienced. One of the biggest challenges retailers face is ‘how to attract and retain customers’. The retail sector is a challenging and competitive marketplace and finding new and effective ways to bring customers through their retail doors remains the top priority and challenge. […]

Digital Signage and Menu Boards


Investing in digital signage for restaurants is now a more modern approach to the time and money spent on paper menus and chalkboards. Digital menu boards provide the consumer with a whole new take on the food industry sector that captivates and creates excitement. The typical takeout or restaurant consumer experience follows a familiar path […]

Omnichannel Marketing for the Modern Retailer

omnichannel vs multichannel retail

The way in which retailers market goods to shoppers has evolved immensely over the years, especially since the advent of the digital gerenation. As technology advances, customers change their behaviour and expectations to match, and marketers, have to adapt continuously to reach them. This is where omnichannel marketing comes into play, the strategy that’s going […]

In-Store Radio and its Power of Influence over Buying Behaviour


How music can affect the mood and habits of consumers is a science. The music you hear in-store can directly influence your mood and shopping behaviour, causing you to shop quickly, slowly, or even leave due to frustration. Extensive studies have been done to document the link between in-store music and shoppers buying behaviour, and […]

Transparent LCD

digital signage

Transparent LCD screens can be used for various applications, such as: retail windows, display cases and drinks coolers, to name a few. The screens transparency allows the brand to display dynamic marketing material, related to the product, while still being able to see the physical product.

The screen allows companies to incorporate some of their brands personality and bring the product to life. The eye-catching content not only compliments the physical product but also encourages engagement.

Digital Signage in Retail

Digital-Signage Solution

Today’s retail environment is cluttered with marketing advertisements and customers have learned to subliminally ignore the constant advertising bombardment. Digital signage is a way to break through and get noticed as the fast and flashy content captures consumers attention and enhances engagement. Digital signage solutions provide customers with relevant information and allow brands to update […]

Build It Retail Audio & Digital Signage Solution

Digital Signage Solution

AVT was given the opportunity to build a retail audio and digital signage solution for Build It, a group of independent retailers who specialize in building materials with 300 stores across South Africa. Two large format video walls, installed at the end of the showroom aisle, display weekly specials, promotions and provide DIY tips. Anonymous […]