We help you COMMUNICATE SMARTER by bringing your brand to life with our digital menu board solutions. 

Based in South Africa and with extensive reach into Sub-Saharan Africa, AVT is Africa’s leading audio-visual system integrator with industry-leading complimentary digital signage solutions. With expertise built over 20 years, we deliver specialised digital menu board solutions. We partner with you to design and install digital signage solutions that will enhance your customer experience, improve operational performance and drive brand loyalty. Digital menu boards reduce costs and turnaround times by replacing traditional print menu boards. With cloud-based software embedded into digital displays, your digital menu boards are now instantly updated, with content arriving on all your screens in multiple locations, saving you time, money, and resources.  Menu items and prices can be updated remotely ensuring all store’s content stay relevant and up to date.


  • Eliminate printing costs and associated logistical delays.
  • Manage and update menu items and prices from a central location or even automatically from a database.
  • Dayparting to display different menus at different times of the day.
  • Create ambience and interest through real-time relevant information together with animated loops.

AVT offers a full-service digital signage solution that is able to assist you in identifying your specific needs, clarifying the requirements, designing a solution, supplying and installing a system, and continuously supporting you with our wide range of services.

restaurant digital menu board

Digital Menu board benefits include:

Cost saving:

  • Easy to update pricing, dishes, promotions, and offerings for consumers without having to spend additional money on printing.
  • In addition, digital menu boards are often more durable than paper menus, so they will last longer as well.

Environmentally Friendly:

  • There is no wastage with additional paper having to be printed or reprinted when there are changes made to the menu.

Minimal maintenance:

  • A digital menu board is easy to manage and keep updated.

Increase Brand Awareness:

  • Digital menu boards can also be used for promotions and company branding, leaving a lasting impression while consumers wait for the orders to be completed.


  • Automatically upload prescheduled content to display at certain play points during the day. For example, Breakfast menu vs Dinner Menu and specials. This can also be applied to specific demographic geolocations and franchises.

System Integration:

  • Instantaneous price point updates and stock level adjustments for administrative convenience.

Increase sales opportunities:

  • Upselling promotional potentials using metrics such as day-parting, seasonal selling, and weather optimization. Results have been proven to significantly influence customers and increase overall basket size.

AVT is certified to integrate, install and support various digital menu board products and brands, such as:

  • NEC
  • PADS
  • Hisense
  • Samsung
  • Sharp
  • Scala