AVT is a digital communication specialist who has taken an integrated approach to provide business communication technology

Whereas many projects have to be split amongst multiple vendors, AVT is able to provide an end-to-end solution from designing audiovisual and digital signage solutions to installation and project management, vastly simplifying the installation and service process.

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is an online video conferencing portal that is simple and easy to use. It ensures interoperability for multiple participants to meet on different video or audio platforms and allows you to share presentations and collaborate.

These rooms provide virtualized bridging (MCU) services and most platforms feature a WebRTC option, even allowing users with a mobile device to join a video conferencing session.


Additionally, VMRs can enable interoperability between standard-based video conferencing such as legacy codecs and other soft-codec solutions such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Google, Cisco, Jabber and more. This allows users to connect and collaborate whether they make use of a traditional video conferencing room, huddle room or even a mobile device.


AVT is certified to supply and support multiple platforms, such as 3rd party platforms PexIP, Zoom and Skype for Business. In most cases when the requirement is for a low latency, managed solutions, AVT supplies connections to our own hosted Video as a Service (VaaS) solution that is actively monitored.

AVT is an audio-visual system integrator, that is able to assist you in identifying your specific needs, clarifying the requirements, designing a solution, supplying and installing a system, and continuously supporting you with our wide range of services.

VMR’s supplied and supported:

  • Skype for Business
  • Blue Jeans
  • Zoom
  • Pexip