We help you improve your CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE with our managed in-store radio network solution. 

AVT is a brand-agnostic system integrator, ensuring that we find the in-store radio solutions for your environment. With offices across South Africa, and reach into sub-Saharan Africa, AVT offers installation services and 24/7 technical support to businesses nationally. From design and installation to services and support, AVT is your trusted technology partner.

Modern in-store radio utilizes dispersed audio speakers that ensure an even sound field, coupled with a cloud-connected media player. The cloud software allows companies or brands to have centralized control over the audio played in-store or within an office or building. The audio can be easily changed in real-time according to marketing campaigns and promotions.

This solution ensures that all of the stores in the network are playing appropriate audio that reflects their brand identity and in-store environment. In-store radio stations within the network can also be customized to suit the store consumer demographic, location and special events.

Modern in-store radio utilizes cloud-based technologies to deliver in-store radio solutions capable of performing a multitude of functions depending on the store type and situation.

In general:

  • Creates ambiance, and has a proven ability to influence the buying behaviour of consumers through mood enhancement
  • Stores can drive a call to action that is completely controlled for time of day, store type and location. This can also be controlled at a decentralized or centralized store level
  • The in-store radio can also be used for PA (public address) announcements and emergency evacuation alerts
  • Dayparting of audio playlists (i.e. different playlists for different times of the day)

What we do:

  • Full campaign consulting, design and implementation
  • Music licensing service
  • Audio production for adverts and announcements
  • Hardware installation, servicing
  • Software supply and monitoring