Room Booking Solutions – Scheduling Software

Room booking systems allow staff to book meeting rooms and equipment in the workplace using their email calendar or touch screens located outside the boardroom, streamlining workflow and promoting cooperation in the office. This simple boardroom solution allows staff to select and allocate booking times, down to the minute, avoiding miscommunication, conflict over office space, and unnecessary interruptions. With just a cursory glance at the touch screen or hallway signage located outside the boardroom, staff can see when a meeting room is available.

What is a Room Booking System?

A meeting room booking system enables employees to book boardrooms when scheduling meetings by using their calendar apps, or on the spot via the Touch Screen display. The display’s LED lights and Room Availability Hallways signs tell anyone at a glance if the room is currently occupied, and the digital interface provides an analysis of the room’s history and equipment condition/use.

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How Does a Room Booking System Work?

Book your room either with calendar applications like Outlook or through Google Mail, or simply approach the touch screen device to book ad-hoc meetings. The LEDs will be red for occupied, green for vacant. Touching the screen will bring up a timetable for that room, and with a few taps, you can book your available timeslot, alter the duration of your meeting, add participants, add a topic and write a summary of the meeting. You can also come back to alter the booking if needed. It’s that simple.

Where can a Room Booking System be used?


Streamline your office workflow with room scheduling. No more interrupted meetings, mixed up schedules, wasted time, or fighting over boardrooms. With simple touch screen functionality and attention-grabbing signage, your team can book their meeting slots and easily discern room availability throughout the day. Offices can also monitor their meeting room and equipment use and react accordingly to cut or increase costs where necessary.


Room scheduling hardware allows staff to reserve rooms, labs, and lecture halls for lessons, tests or exams. This ensures that there’ll never be conflict over laboratories, computer labs, art rooms, music rooms or lecture halls. Time can be planned accordingly, and with clear signage that indicates the state of occupancy, your classes won’t be interrupted.

Room Booking System Benefits:

  • Efficient: No more interruptions or waiting. It’s the key to time management in the office space when it comes to meetings and equipment use.
  • Flexible: Check the availability of meeting rooms throughout the day and book an open timeslot. You can also add time to a meeting if necessary.
  • Easy to Operate: Book a slot quickly and easily.
  • Real-time content: With just a swipe of your hand you can see in real time if the room is booked, who is using it, and when the next spot is available.
  • Compatibility: Book a room with your favourite calendar platform or use the touch screen to book with a few easy swipes.
  • Analytical and Informative: Track your company’s meeting habits and equipment use and manage your time and equipment accordingly.
  • Cooperation: Avoid conflict and encourage working together through easy and informative booking solutions.