We help our retail clients enhance their CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT with our innovative digital signage solutions.

Based in South Africa with extensive reach into Sub-Saharan Africa, AVT is Africa’s leading audio-visual system integrator with industry leading complimentary digital signage solutions. With expertise build over 20 years, we deliver specialised integrated systems specifically for retail brands. We partner with you to design and install retail digital signage solutions that will enhance your customer experience, improve operational performance and drive loyalty.

We are in the business of transforming the way customers see your brand with personalized digital signage solutions, not only adding to the store design, but also influencing the consumer journey and shopping experience. Retail digital signage has a powerful impact to attract customers attention and provide relevant information about the latest campaign or promotion, encouraging them to enter the store.  These solutions include software, customized content, digital menu boards, video walls, digital kiosks and interactive digital displays.

Benefits of retail digital signage

  • Measurable ROI using analytical software together with strategic promotions.
  • Flexibility to update content with the click of a button anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Customize content per region, store or screen.
  • Announce pop-up promotions to aid in clearing perishable or depreciated stock.
  • Encourage additional purchases through a call to action.
  • Decrease the perceived waiting time.
  • Increases customer engagement and adds a unique design feature.
  • Stimulates sales while reducing advertising costs, compared to traditional campaigns, which has a positive effect on your bottom line.
Samsung Video Wall
retail digital signage

Analytical software together with audience measurement technology can be used in conjunction with digital signage to calculate engagement, as well as gather important demographic and behavioural data. This can be used to determine if campaigns are effectively reaching the target audience, as well as to calculate Return on Investment (ROI). Among other metrics, the software provides approximate age, gender and engagement of each person who views the advertisements.

our retail digital signage solutions

Digital Menu Boards

Interactive kiosk

Managed in-store radio network

Promotional boards


We provide you with an end-to-end retail digital signage solution, offering complete system design, software, hardware, content management, scheduling, installation and content creation. AVT is your trusted technology partner.