IPTV For Hotels & Corporate Offices

A good hospitality package includes hotel IPTV technology, allowing for fast streaming of video content over the hotel’s IP network. As opposed to traditional fixed channel selection, IPTV for hotels and corporate offices give viewers access to a more extensive array of channels, media and functions, with higher quality streaming and content than traditional coaxial RF systems.

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IPTV Hospitality

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the delivery of television content over an IP Network, typically via an ethernet cable. In the hospitality industry it’s used to give hotel guest access to a wider variety of videos, streaming service, and high-quality hospitality TV content.

IPTV is especially beneficial to hotels that already have an existing cabling and network infrastructure for IPTV providers to work with. IPTV is compatible with a number of satellite television networks and streaming services such as DSTV and Netflix.

What can IPTV do for You?

  • IPTV functions as an interactive TV for hotels that provides a broader range of media and functionality than traditional hotel TV solutions. This also gives guests the option to pause, fast forward, rewind and even record movies and shows they’re watching.
  • Guests can also use IPTV technology to browse menus, contact hotel management, order room services, and book hotel services, treatments and shuttles right from the comfort of their rooms.
  • IPTV technology is applicable to a broad array of industries, and is compatible with multiple display devices such as TVs, touch screen displays, mobile phones and laptops.

Other IPTV Industries


IPTV is most often used in office spaces to power office displays and desktop screens. These screens stream real-time information to employees throughout the day, including company content, market information, schedules, news, and announcements.

Additionally, IPTV has proven to be an invaluable tool in company training and communication, allowing staff to interact and learn as they work.


Thanks to real-time updating, IPTV systems can be used to provide commuters with real-time information and updates on their arrivals, departures, and delays. Airports, bus terminals and train stations can also stream advertisements, guides, and safety information to travelers in between announcements and schedule screenings.

IPTV Benefits:

  • Cost Effective: Existing IP networks save costs on installation and implementation.
  • Versatile: Allows for a broader array of media, channels and videos on their hospitality TV or company network. There is no limit to how many users can connect their devices to the IPTV network.
  • Immersive: IPTV can be used to provide guests with immersive and engaging media in their hotel room.
  • Communication: IPTV serves as another platform for guests to contact hotel management and staff on, or for employees to keep open communication with one another.
  • Quality: Guests will appreciate higher quality content when they stream IPTV right to their rooms. Hotel service booking and an interactive, user friendly experience improves the quality of stay in your hotel.
  • Real-time: Streamed content is updated in real time, and can be accessed by all devices wherever they are.