We help hotel and hospitality clients COMMUNICATE SMARTER with our audio visual, IPTV and digital signage solutions.

Based in South Africa with extensive reach into Sub-Saharan Africa, AVT is Africa’s leading audio-visual system integrator with expertise developed over more than 20 years in business. Welcome your guests into a personalised hotel and hospitality experience with AVT’s cutting edge and industry leading audio visual and digital signage technology solutions specificaly for the hospitality industry.

We are here to help you increase occupancy and drive brand loyalty by delivering your guests with an experience they’ll never forget.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions


Hotel digital signage solutions located in common areas can be used to promote services, such as airport transfers, spa treatments or restaurant specials and to provide guests with the latest news, weather and flight information. These solutions capture the attention of your guests, creates awareness of your loyalty programs and inform visitors of safety measures.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions


IPTV solutions and services allows guests to personalize their viewing, whether they are using the display in their rooms or on their personal devices. Guests have access to a wide range of channels, video on demand and available services. The hotel TV solution is integrated with the facility management system, allowing guests to order and/or book services from the comfort of their room or even on a common area kiosk.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Interactive digital kiosk

Allow guests the flexibility to check themselves into their rooms with a smooth and personalized experience through our self-chek-in digital kiosk solutions.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

collaboration & av systems

Present and collaborate from any device and stay connected to your teams in real-time with our audio visual and collaboration video conferencing systems.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions


Enhance your customer experience with our complete background music solution and audio system. Communicate messages to your guests to enhance brand identity and loyalty.

Including audio visual, IPTV and digital signage solutions in hotels, restaurants, conference centres, casinos and other hospitality environments adds greatly to the guest experience and increases the chances of retention through loyalty. AVT takes every opportunity to elevate the experience of your guests, we offer a full-service to our customers, from system design and installation to managed services and support. AVT is your trusted technology partner.