Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing Software Solutions

AVT is a brand-agnostic system integrator, ensuring that we find the best Video Conferencing System for your environment. With offices across South Africa, and reach into sub-Saharan Africa, AVT offers installation services and 24/7 technical support to businesses nationally. From design and installation to services and support, AVT is your trusted technology partner.

Our desktop and mobile software solutions enable employees to collaborate with colleagues, clients and partners, using a smartphone, tablet or desktop while being on the go.

How people work and communicate has changed, with many employees now working remotely. It has thus become essential to enable employees to work with the devices they are most familiar and comfortable with, by incorporating mobile BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions.

With most modern companies having open planned offices and remote employees, the video conferencing environment has adapted to include software-based solutions to traditional video conferencing solutions and large boardrooms. These solutions facilitate BYOD – for huddle rooms and accommodate remote employees.We are here to assess your company’s needs and requirements to help you find the best video conferencing desktop and mobile solution.

Software solutions enable employees with:

  • Hybrid meetings with software platforms such as Microsoft Team, Zoom and Cisco WebEx, Google Meet.
  • Real-time communication
  • Media streaming
  • The ability to connect and collaborate no matter where they are
  • Use of preferred device

There is no need to limit video conferencing to the boardroom when there are software solutions that will transform your device and workspace into a place of collaboration and productivity, almost as if you were in a face-to-face private, personal meeting.

Microsoft Teams – a cloud collaboration platform
Reasons why every business should have a video conferencing software solution implemented:
benefits of video conferencing - AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Reduced travel cost

Reduce time and money spent on traveling to attend meetings. Video conferencing software allows you to have face-to-face meetings without having to be in the same room.

benefits of video conferencing - AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Increased employee attendance

Enables all employees to connect and collaborate, whether working remotely, traveling for business or situated in a remote office.

video conferencing software tools - AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Increased productivity

Collaboration and productivity is increased by using video conferencing software tools that allow employees to live chat, real-time share, record and more.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Employees stay connected

Video conferencing software solutions helps build a personal corporate environment by keeping remote and office employees connected and aligned with face-to-face meetings and real-time collaborations.

video conferencing software - AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Immediate connectivity

Video conferencing software enables employees to connect with their teams immediately via live chat and in the moment meetings. In return productivity and decision making turnaround time is increased.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Encourage and supportmobility

For those team members required to be mobile, video conferencing software gives them the opportunity to stay connected, without having to be office or desk bound.

video conferencing solutions - AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions

Services offered by AVT:

  • Technology advisors and design services for the complete audio visual solution
  • Turnkey solutions from consultation, design and engineering to installation.
  • Managed Services: Scheduled maintenance and onsite technical support plans (SLA).
  • Financing and long-term rental of video conferencing systems.
How we can meet your enterprise video conferencing needs:

Video Conferencing Room Solution

Equip your meeting rooms with high tech features including HD video and clear, highquality audio.

Integrated Control System

Simplify room use by the use of easily controlled automation.

Video Conferencing

A solution with the right hardware and software to ensure collaboration and productivity.

Huddle Room Solution

Small group collaboration spaces that increase efficiency.

Room Booking Solution

One solution to meet all the needs of your room booking solution.

Transforms meeting spaces with application integration for seamless collaboration.