A digital kiosk is a self-standing kiosk with a built-in touch screen that provides information and self-service functions.

Interactive kiosks have helped bridge the gap between digital signage and smartphones, while better engaging consumers. These kiosks can be incorporated into various industries from retail to healthcare and every industry in between. Kiosks are available ready-made but can also be designed and built to the client’s specifications.

The growth of e-commerce has led to shoppers expecting to receive online shopping benefits in traditional brick and mortar stores. Shoppers are thus demanding fast self-service options to speed up the checkout and enquiry process and to improve their shopping experience. Kiosk applications must be efficient, easy to navigate and user-friendly. Incorporating self-service kiosks is an effective way to deliver service, as customers don’t have to wait for assistance, while also reducing the workload of the sales staff.

A unique omnichannel experience can be created by incorporating online shopping functionality into the kiosk. This allows in-store shoppers to access the full product range, giving them more variety. Stores also benefit by not having to keep the full range of stock available on hand, decreasing the floor and storage space needed. As technology advances the line between what we do online and in-store blurs.

digital information kiosk

What is an omnichannel?

Omnichannel consists of all the channels used to advertise and sell products to consumers, such as online shopping (from a mobile phone or desktop), by telephone or in a physical store. With consumers using multiple channels and often jumping between them, brands and shops need to ensure that they provide a seamless shopping experience. An omnichannel experience ensures that customers receive a coherent experience no matter how or where they shop, and this can be achieved in store by incorporating digital kiosks.

What can digital kiosks be used for?

  • Transportation Hubs – for ticket purchases or self-service check-in
  • Healthcare – Effective patient check-in
  • Fast Food Restaurants – to place and pay for your order
  • Hospitality – reception kiosk for after-hours check-in or services
  • Retail – online shopping and self-service checkout
self service kiosk

Interactive Digital Kiosk Benefits

  • Reduces costs of workforce
  • Reduce sales personnel’s workload
  • Enhances customer service
  • Improves purchasing experience by reducing wait time
  • Increase in sales as the checkout process is quicker
  • Low maintenance

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