We help the modern classroom COMMUNICATE SMARTER with our audio visual solutions for the education industry.

AVT designs, install and manage various educational audio visual solutions for classrooms, lecture venues and auditoriums, ensuring that learners or students can collaborate with one another in the same room or remotely.

The right audio visual setup in a classroom, not only drives better engagement with today’s tech-savvy scholars, but also assists teachers in preparing and delivering lessons more effectively. With the ever-improving quality and speed of internet connections globally and in particular in South Africa, video conferencing has become an incredibly powerful tool in education at all levels. Video conferencing solutions can be used to make education more accessible to those who can’t attend real-time lessons due to travel restrictions or who aren’t available at the set lecture time, while also sharing teachers/lecturers across multiple campuses/schools.

The audio visual solutions for education also support streaming and recording, which allows students to catch up on missed lectures/lessons, at a time that is more convenient and using their own devices (mobile, tablet or desktop).

These solutions are designed to:

  • Make lessons more engaging
  • Facilitate distance learning
  • Record and distribute video content, live or on demand, to learners or students
  • Provide rural or remote areas with quality education
  • Improve accessibility of specialist teachers/lecturers, while also reducing resource costs
audio visual technology in education
Below are a few of our educational solutions, please feel free to contact us for more information:
audio visual learning

Services offered by AVT:

  • Installation and project management
  • Managed services and service agreements
  • System design and consulting