Online market spaces have taken center stage during the recent lock-downs we experienced. One of the biggest challenges retailers face is ‘how to attract and retain customers’. The retail sector is a challenging and competitive marketplace and finding new and effective ways to bring customers through their retail doors remains the top priority and challenge. Digital signage offers a solution by providing dynamic, immersive experiences that capture the attention of the customers and hold their interest.

Research shows that 76% of consumers enter stores which they have never visited before because the store in question had some kind of digital signage which was attractive and drew them in.


What is the purpose of digital signage solutions in retail?

Digital signage solutions used in the retail space can serve many purposes which may include brand awareness, product sale campaigns, and entertainment. The main goal of any marketing campaign is to drive sales. Digital signage systems in retail spaces can help businesses do just that by delivering engaging content to consumers who have the purchasing power. Some of the main reasons you may consider installing a digital signage display include the following:

  • Drive traffic into your store: We as humans are drawn to screens, so a shop with a digital window display will definitely capture people’s attention and bring them inside. The key is to focus on something that a potential customer may consider a problem or challenge they have, and offer a solution – before they even set foot in the store. A digital promotional board could be placed in a shopping mall with a great promotion, which may drive the consumer to your physical store. 
  • Increase purchasing decisions: Having digital signage screens situated throughout your store (and at strategic locations), will definitely influence and increase the purchasing decisions of the retail customer. It will give them an idea of what is available in that specific location of the store, or what special offers are available. 
  • Entertainment value: South Africa has a big “mall culture” where consumers visit malls as a form of entertainment. What better way to up the entertainment value than by adding digital signage displays that show funny videos, advertisements about products in-store and product launches. These will certainly grab the attention of the consumer and keep them shopping for longer. 
  • Increase sales: The ultimate goal in any retail setting is to increase sales. Using digital signage boards in strategic areas within your store can help navigate the consumer on their shopping journey. This gives them more confidence and they almost feel more in control. Upselling of products is another way where digital signage can help you as the business owner to increase sales, and the consumer gets more of what they need for example “buy one get one free campaigns”, or “frequently bought together” suggestions. 
  • Make products more available: Digital signage can help consumers find products easier because they will be directed to the exact area they need to be to find the product/s they are looking for. A study done some time ago by Accenture showed that 92% of consumers were more likely to shop in a store that had real time product availability, and this is achieved by using video walls and digital product catalogs. 
  • Work in Synergy with online marketing: Digital signage in retails outlets can encourage customers to engage with the retails stores online marketing platforms by following them on social media or by entering a competition which is currently running on the retail stores online channels. Content on digital signage boards can work in synergy with online marketing campaigns, thereby delivering a creator return at a lower cost, as the retail company will be reaching targeted customers with the infrastructure that is already in place. 


How digital signage solutions can increase customer engagement

Installing digital signage in a retail outlet effectively will show that the retailer understands the needs of the people who visit their store. When a retailer has digital signage displays in place with tailored made content suited to their demographic; the customer engagement will increase exponentially.

For example, front facing digital display units at the checkout increase the consumer engagement as they are able to see for themselves the product details and total price for the purchase. This way they get to engage more effectively with your brand and feel more included in the whole process. Customer engagement will increase when they can interact and shop according to their personal preferences.

Other ways digital signage can increase customer engagement is by providing multi-language support, mobile device integration as with digital queuing systems, provide helpful information on how consumers can interact with the retail store when they leave and so much more. Digital signage software offers endless opportunities on how consumers can interact with brands before, during and after their purchase.


What are the types of digital signage

We know that digital signage is effective and definitely the way to go if you want to change the way you communicate and entice your customers. The next step is choosing the right digital signage for your specific needs. You will want to make sure that the signage you choose will work for your product offering as well as your consumer demographic. Having digital signage where you can easily update the content that gets displayed is also an important factor to consider.

Here are some examples of digital signage displays that are used specifically in retail settings:

Digital Display Boards

This type of signage is the most common form of digital signage used in restaurants and retail outlets. They are often used to showcase special offers that are currently running in-store or during the week, highlight the business’ mission statement or showcasing a message from the brand thereby increasing brand awareness.  

Interactive Screens

Interactive screens allow consumers to become more engaged with a specific brand and gives a more personalised experience while they are in the store. Nike has employed this kind of digital display at their points of sale so that sports loving consumers can see the apparel in action. 

Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors are a very new and innovative type of digital signage and can greatly increase the customer experience by allowing customer to interact with the signage itself. An amazing example of smart mirror digital signage can be found in Ralph Lauren stores. They are using smart mirrors in their fitting rooms so that customers can change things like lighting and choose different colours and sizes of the  clothes they are trying on. The interface can even advise on items that may work together to create a complete outfit. 

Wayfinding Displays

There is nothing worse than entering a new store, and not knowing where to go or where to find what you are looking for. That is where Wayfinding Digital Displays come in. They come in the form of digital interactive maps, or they could just be static displays showing the entire store and directing you where you wish to be. 


The way people shop and interact with brands have significantly evolved in the last few years. This is why it is important that retailers think more outside of the box when it comes to increasing foot traffic and customer engagement. Digital signage is changing the way consumers interact with brands. It’s important to evolve with the needs of consumers by serving them with relatable content with which they can engage with, when making purchasing decisions. 

If you are ready to move into the digital age and want to showcase your brand and store more effectively, get in touch and we can walk you through some of the digital signage available for you from AVT Solutions.

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