We help clients COMMUNICATE SMARTER by delivering product knowledge and expertise at every engagement.

Based in South Africa with extensive reach into Sub-Saharan Africa, AVT is Africa’s leading audio-visual system integrator with expertise developed over more than 20 years in business.  We offer a full-service to our customers, from the design and consultation phase to installation, services and support. AVT is your trusted technology partner, supplying tailored audio visual and digital signage solutions for your business environment. We are brand agnostic as we focus on choosing the right brand of equipment for your solution.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions


We are committed to guide, inform and empower clients on new and emerging technologies that can be transformative for their company. Our consulting experts follow a highly-effective and disciplined approach in partnering with you to understand and define your business requirements and pairing that with customized operational and technical solutions. We deliver tailored systems and solutions to improve your operations and to continually strengthen your business.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions


With a blend of design experience, product knowledge and expertise, our system design team does a thorough technical analysis to provide documentation on a complete solution and system proposal. Our proposal include designs and a cost breakdown that meets specifications and conveys state of the art design ingenuity, matching each clients business goals and requirements. We continue to track future trends while delivering technology designs that illustrate optimal user experiences and provide innovative solutions.

AVT Services - Audio Visual Solutions - Digital Signage

Our consulting and system design experts guide you to understand the real-world application of your new technology at every touch point, from consulting and design to installation and service, AVT is your trusted technology provider.