Video Conference Call Etiquette
Conference Call Etiquette

It’s important to practice professional conferencing etiquette, both in a boardroom meeting as well as on a video conference call. AVT has a few tips to ensure proper conference call etiquette.

Camera Positioning

Before making a conference call ensure that the camera is in the correct position and that the camera is zoomed in and focused. Make sure that everyone in the room fits into the frame and is visible, room lighting may impact visibility so make sure that the room is adequately lit.

Sound Check

Your microphone volume must be set to the right level as this ensures that your voice is clear on the other end of the conference call. The ‘right’ volume is said to be at mid-level or slightly higher. It is important to make sure that the above is done before the conference call starts as you want to avoid making adjustments during the conference call, as this can be distracting and disrupt whoever is speaking.

Making the Call

Once the conference call has begun it is good etiquette to introduce yourself, your role and location, especially when video conferencing with many sites. Remember while video conferencing to remain attentive. The speaker on the other end deserves your undivided attention if for whatever reason you have to take a call mute yourself or leave the room. You can also mute yourself when not talking as this ensures that typing on the keyboard will not disrupt the speaker. It is important not to whisper or ruffle any papers while the call is taking place as the microphones are extremely sensitive and any noise will make it difficult for the people on the other end to hear.

Basic Call Courtesy

Maintaining eye contact by looking at the screen while you are speaking is important, as it creates engagement. A well-designed video conference system will have the camera positioned correctly such that the far side will still feel like they have eye contact with you. Be sure to use your normal voice, and speak strongly and clearly, shouting must be avoided at all costs. Many participants feel the need to shout, but a well-designed system will have the microphones placed such that this is not necessary. When asking a question to a specific participant, identify them by name first, and then ask the question as this ensures that they are attentive and gives them time to respond. Keep comments constructive, positive and short.

End the call with the usual goodbyes and ensure that the call is ended before getting up and exiting the room, to avoid any noise being heard on the other side.

By following these steps and ensuring you have effective boardroom technology available to you, your conference calls will be a breeze. Let AVT’s boardroom solutions help you ensure you get the best out of video conference calls. Call us today to see what we can offer you to ensure top-notch conference calls.