Digital Signage used as an advertising medium works well because it provides the perfect balance between subtlety and assertiveness. digital advertising also provides retailers with instant, meaningful and customised communication.

The way retailers are communicating with their clients is changing. Print adverts are no longer as impactful as they used to be and consumers now require impactful relevance in order to engage. For this reason, many innovating retailers are making the switch from print to Digital Signage. Now that interactive advertising is an option; the impact and power of Digital Signage are undeniable.

When compared to traditional print advertising, Digital Signage carries a number of benefits which include:

  1. Saves you money

You might think that Digital Signage is costly but, in fact, this modern technology will save you money in the long run. Your initial upfront cost will be higher but your increased ROI, in the long run, outweighs the cost difference. You will also save time and money on logistics and labour as Digital Signage is instant and therefore new advertising campaigns no longer need to be distributed and installed. Another advantage of Digital Signage is the freedom to change the content as frequently as you desire without the recurring print costs.

  1. Real-Time Updates

Gone are the times of waiting for delivery of your print ads only to notice an error in the message or a pesky typo. With live updates, you can now change your message in a few moments, correct an error or load a last minute special. This instantaneous way of advertising with Digital Signage is cost-effective as there is no need to print or ship printed adverts.

  1. Engage with your Audience

Digital Signage allows you to catch the eye of passersby and engage with your target audience. The world around us now revolves around technology. Look around you. People are already using digital displays every day through their smartphones and tablets. So it is no wonder that digital signage is becoming so popular.

Retailers can use digital displays to show consumers what is on special or even where to find exactly what they are looking for. Now you can create engaging content where your brand can literally interact with your consumers. Think of virtual changing rooms where your customers can mix and match outfits without even having to actually try anything on. Use facial recognition to determine the demographics of your customers and market-specific content to them. Get your customers to get involved in your Social Media campaigns and in-store competitions, the options are truly endless. Digital is truly a marketer’s dream.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advantages Digital Signage has for retailers and customers alike.




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