AVT is a digital communication specialist who has taken an integrated approach to providing business communication technology.

Whereas many projects have to be split amongst multiple vendors, AVT is able to provide an end-to-end solution from designing audiovisual and digital signage solutions, to installation and project management, vastly simplifying the installation and service process.

The rapid advances in the processing power of personal devices, as well as the increasing speed and ever-reducing cost of bandwidth, has resulted in users experiencing quality video conferencing (VC) without needing to necessarily use a traditional legacy VC environment. Many traditional VC brands, as well as new entrants, have thus created software-based codecs that offer an experience that enhances collaboration, at a highly reduced cost.

video conferencing solutions

This, however, has resulted in the need for carefully managed methods to control the quality of the audio and video on these devices. Combining the right hardware with the right software codec is essential in creating a solution that is reliable and simple to use, to ensure user adoption.

Many audio-visual specialist manufacturers have been developing products designed to turn desktops, laptops and tablets into video conferencing devices that are even capable of integrating with collaboration elements.


Two primary solutions are:

  • Enhancing a desktop-based experience using external microphones and webcams.
  • Connecting a software codec device, that needs to be installed in a larger room, with installed sound and video elements.

The video conferencing software used will need to be carefully considered. AVT is brand agnostic, allowing us to choose between the many brands that we are certified to install and support, ensuring that the solution installed best meets your needs.

An AVT specialist will guide you, taking the following into account:

  • The software that the company traditionally uses, as users are already trained and familiar with the software, such as Skype for Business.
  • Other devices that may need interoperability, such as traditional rooms, or SIP/VOIP systems.
  • The devices that will be used to connect users, and the ability for the audio and video quality to be controlled or enhanced.

AVT is an audio-visual system integrator, that is able to assist you in identifying your specific needs, clarifying the requirements, designing a solution, supplying and installing a system, and continuously supporting you with our wide range of services.