Zoom Video Conferencing

AVT can provide you with a collaboration system to improve the way your organization communicates. You can rely on our team of certified technicians to successfully install a collaboration platform for you and your team, ensuring that you are all connected without experiencing any issues, while working remotely.

What is Zoom Meetings?

Zoom meetings is an affordable cloud-based conferencing platform that allows internal and external collaboration between individuals. The platform has video and audio visual capabilities, giving users the ability to host a Zoom conference or make a quick Zoom call. One of the most attractive features is how effortless it is to schedule, host, join and participate in video conferences, which can be done on a desktop or using a mobile app.

How does Zoom Meetings Work?

Host or join internal or external video or audio meetings easily, using any device. Multiple participants can share their screens or content simultaneously to allow effortless collaboration. There is an active speaker feature, which is when the video feed switches to whoever is currently talking. The platform also allows the host to record the meeting, for those who are unable to attend or for you to refer back to in the future. When scheduling a meeting, you set the date and time, then send the web link to participants. To join the meeting, all the host and meeting participants need to do is click on the link.

Host your own Video Webinar

Host a webinar with up to 100 interactive video participants and 10 000 attendees. The webinar registration can be customized to incorporate the information you would like to capture and integrated into CRM systems. The host is able to control the webinar and the participants, to enhance engagement and can receive analytics as well as share a live feed across social channels.

Keep in Touch with Business Instant Messaging

Encourage collaboration and streamline communication within the office using the instant messaging feature. The platform allows you to create project groups, and it organizes all communication, which can be searched through later. The instant message function also enables users to host quick, informal video meetings and syncs with your calendar to show your availability.



Zoom meetings can be used to expand the traditional classroom and provide more students with quality education. Incorporating the Zoom platform into a remote learning solution allows students to participate and interact with each other and the lecturer. Sessions can also be recorded for students who are unable to attend or for future reference.


The Zoom meeting platform is a reliable communication solution even in low-bandwidth environments. Government departments can improve communication, productivity and efficiency while also reducing travel costs. With such large hosting capabilities, there is no compromise on the size or length of meetings.


Consult specialists and improve patient outcomes by incorporating Zoom Video Conferencing. Internal communication between wards can be improved while also maximizing resources.


Collaborate with internal and remote employees as well as external individuals. The platform’s features encourage communication and are easy to use. Incorporating Zoom will decrease travel costs while increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees. It encourages collaboration and communication between co-workers.

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