When technology first became a massive hit till its present day, there has always been a common issue that arises: “The Wires”.

We can all agree, with all the appliances or electronics we purchase, the wiring takes up so much space and causes a eye sore. Home automation began the same way, wiring would need to be installed around your entire home for it to function correctly, this would become more costly.  Homes that we larger than most would struggle with connectivity issues, the system would be slow instead of being fast. I;m sure during that time before wireless technology was introduces, people would wish someone to invent a wireless system.

Let us take a look at how wireless has transformed home automation, to allow accessibility to become more easier.


1.Wireless technology does not require unnecessary wiring

With the assistance of highly trained professionals, its as easy as “plug and play”. No longer are long cords of wiring needed to be installed into your home, gone are those issues.


2. No more signal loss

Previous network systems were commonly giving users issues especially with the speed of the networks, it was almost as if dial up connecting was returning.

With the use of wireless technology, gone are the days of slow connections, say hello to the more faster and reliable lines.


3. Wireless Technology is a brief glimpse to the future

Wireless technology has definitely expanded itself into various industries

  • retail stores
  • hotels
  • office enviroments

Depending on the size of the premises/buildings were based, they weren’t able to take full advantage of what automation can offer. Fortuanatley, with wireless home automation technology being introduced, businesses (as mentioned above) are now taking full oppurtunities to utilize automation systems, all thanks to wireless technology.