There is one thing that will take your digital signage from great to amazing and that one thing is content. Content is the foundation of your marketing plan and these top tips will give you some inspiration when thinking about your content strategy.

AVT can provide you with an end to end digital signage solution.
AVT can provide you with an end to end digital signage solution.

Engage with your target audience

What is the best way to grab and keep someone’s attention? Involve them! When it comes to digital signage the smartphone can still create an impact with SMS campaigns but we can confidently say that social media has now stolen the show. Not only can users express themselves in real-time but they can post photos, hashtags, and have it shared to their profile.

Meaningful and well thought out content:

Your content needs to be appropriate for your target audience; they need to recognise and understand the value in your message within three seconds of viewing it. If this is not the case it might be time to rethink your design and content’s purpose. Whatever your chosen message may be, it should always have a purpose.

Don’t let your content go stale

Content that is fresh and constantly renewed will encourage engagement. This can be done by updating information such as promotions and photos on a regular basis.  Your software provider and content management should also provide you with options for content automation. Live RSS feeds, social media streams and weather are some examples of easy automation that you can just schedule and leave.

Have Fun

Let the fun and games begin! Digital signage can be used for many creative purposes – such as contests and games.  Take advantage of how easy touch displays are to use, by having a few games for customers to play. This is a creative and fun way to ensure they enjoy their time at your workplace.  Using screens to showcase a contest that is running is another simple, yet effective idea.  If a client or potential client knows they have a chance to gain something, they might be willing to stick around longer than usual.

If you are wanting to get your hands on digital displays that will bring your marketing efforts into the future give us a call today. AVT can provide you with an end to end of digital marketing solutions.

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