3 Top Tips to Enhance The Video Conference

Best known for their use at exhibitions and events, an immersive video wall can elevate your entire conference experience too. With increased accessibility and program features compared to tradition conferencing equipment, a video wall can help improve productivity and the collaborative process in the conference room.

1.A video wall gives you the opportunity to fully customise your conference display

There are a variety of different screens on the market that can be used as part of a video wall and depending on the set up of the conference you should find a one that suits both your budget and requirements.

Some screens have extremely slim edges, that when put together, resemble a single big screen. This is extremely useful for sharing images or videos that require a high definition display. Each screen in the video wall conference room can also be set up to carry out a different function, which means that you can have videos, images and graphs all running at the same time.

While some video walls are managed by specially designed processors, it’s best to use a video wall that can be set up and operated by a regular computer. This gives you the ability to easily set up to stream live video and presentations.

2. A video wall can help to improve on existing conference solution

Face-to-face meetings are still the most effective way to get business done, although the difference in time and place remains an obstacle. Trying to coordinate conflicting schedules and time zones can be a headache; thanks to the interactive nature of a video wall, you no longer have to deal with these logistics. Besides upping the productivity of your meetings or conference calls, you’ll also drastically reduce business travel costs – a win-win situation if there ever was one.

What’s more, a video wall can be used as an alternative to traditional conferencing equipment – further reducing the cost of acquiring numerous devices. A high definition video wall is especially helpful in industries that rely on the quality of visuals, as many desktop solutions have mediocre resolutions.

3.A video wall increases engagement – making for a more connected conferencing experience

When hosting a conference, a video wall can further improve participants’ experience by allowing them to communicate via different screens for different applications. You can, for instance, have documents open on one screen, draw up graphs on another and then communicate via VoIP or Skype.

Integrating an open-source project management system into your video wall allows people to post their ideas on different screens and later share their notes. Multi-touch video wall solutions are increasingly being used too, adding a further interactive and collaborative layer to conferencing. This allows people to make changes to document and other content at the same time, directly on the screen and then immediately share online or via the cloud.

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