Mobile VoIP Green Solutions Video Conferencing is happening everywhere.

The days where it was predominantly used in the business world are gone, today, video conferencing is being used literally by people of all ages.

A great advantage to video conferencing equipment is that it will save you Time, Petrol & Money.

Video Conferencing is a great initiative to Going Green.

Let’s take a look at some uses of Video Conferencing:

  • Academic Courses: as a means of teaching, some universities who have various branches, will share courses with all the registered students wishing to take part in the courses relevant to their studies. A great means by saving the students and lecturers time and money.
  • Connecting with Sponsors or Friends: Sponsoring University Sports teams has always been a hit, especially now days in South Africa with the Varsity Cups occurring. Coaches now have easier access by communicating with the sponsors using video conferencing. Also by using the video conferencing, sports teams are able to communicate with inspirational sportsman/people via the use of video conferencing equipment.
  • Hiring: To save alot of unnecessary travel expenses, businesses can now interview candidates located in far provinces/countries.
  • Guest Lecturing: Universities are using this technology to allow guest speakers lecture students using a video conferencing equipment. Instead of students having to travel to far locations for conferences/lectures, the speaker is now able to “come to the  student/s” using video conferencing equipment.
  • Meetings: Video Conferencing is most commonly recognized being used in the working environment. To save businesses alot of costs, video conferencing now occurs more regularly at the fraction of costs.