AVT BLOG VIdeo Confrencing
The use of video conferencing to interview potential employees is on the rise as companies seek to cut costs, save time and create more flexibility in their recruitment efforts.

The affordability and practicality of video conferencing has contributed to its expanded approval for the interview process. With today’s technology video conferencing is literally just a click away as most computers come with internal webcams and every mobile device has a camera with the ability to record video. All you need is a video conferencing service like Skype and you are good to go. The only other piece of equipment you’ll need is a headset, which will provide better audio quality even if your computer comes with a built-in microphone and speakers.

Let’s briefly review the broad benefits to the video interview:

The world is your limit

Using video conferencing for interviews not only saves time and money but it increases your pool of talent to people across the country or even abroad. Flexible working arrangements are becoming more common in the business world and if you are one of the business owners that have embraced this new trend then Video conferencing enables you to access talent anywhere but still cost-effectively “meet” with applicants to better assess their skills and personalities.

Keep it on Record

One of the greatest benefits of video conferencing is the record feature. Interviews can be documented to review again at a later stage or sent to colleagues for additional feedback. Recording an interview enables you to be more engaged in the discussion and not worry about taking notes, since you know you can play back the video later if needed.

Say good bye to the phone interview

Video conferencing is a great replacement for phone screening interviews as it provides the chance to evaluate body language and get visual cues which are not possible with a regular phone interview.

Time is money

Video conferencing is a time saver for both parties involved compared to a one on one interview. With the use of video conferencing travel expenses are completely eliminated, saving time and money for both the candidate and the employer. Another perk of this type of meeting is that potential candidates do not have to take time off of work to travel to and from the interview.

Have you ever used video conferencing to interview someone?