What is Video Conferencing all about?

Video Conferencing is the use of telecommunication of audio and video equipment, which enables people from a variety of sites to communicate at once for a meeting.

Video Conferences can take place between 2 people wishing to have a private conversation from private offices (Point to Point communication) or it may involve more that one person based in conference/meeting rooms from several locations.

Although video conferencing is commonly regarded as a means of having a meeting using audio and video communication. Video conferencing is also used as a means of sharing documents, displaying spreadsheets or other computer displayed information/documents.

In terms of interactions, with the advancement of technology, the quality of the audio and video is top quality. Gone are the days where the video and quality were poor.  The visual interaction allows business people to engage better, instead of having to continuously make telephone calls or emails. It opens up greater opportunities for businesses to gain greater business relationships.

Industries that Benefit from Using Video Conferencing Equipment


  • Education

In universities, colleges and schools, using video conferencing allows students from remote locations or long distances to be able to have access to attend classes from their locations where ever they are. Students who are  attending at colleges/universities are able to have access to webinars with lecturers/speakers.

  • Medical

For a variety of reasons, medical professionals are able to communicate the relevant topics with other professionals whom are in the same industry.  In serious operations, medical specialists from other locations are now able to observe and assist in operations with the use of audio and video equipment.

There are regular instances for doctors/specialists, when they are in situations to receive immediate test results, test results are now able to be shared with the relevant medical professional  Some cases for the patient, he/she is able to communicate with a specialist directly from a doctors room, without having to travel.

  • Businesses

Video Conferencing greatly benefits companies who regularly have meetings. Using the visual equipment, allows meetings to occur without delays and saves companies money. Instead of having to spend large sums on travel and accommodation costs for business people, meetings are now able to take place at any location.