Transparent LCD screens can be used for various applications, such as: retail windows, display cases and drinks coolers, to name a few. The screens transparency allows the brand to display dynamic marketing material, related to the product, while still being able to see the physical product.

The screen allows companies to incorporate some of their brands personality and bring the product to life. The eye-catching content not only compliments the physical product but also encourages engagement.

LED Digital Signage Box

Transparent LCD Features:

  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Available in a single screen (retail window)
  • Content is managed remotely, allowing quick and easy content updates
  • A display box can be custom made, based on the screen size, according to clients’ needs and specifications
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What are transparent LCD screens?

Transparent LCD screens use LCD technology along with a transparent underlying layer. The display box contains a backlight which allows consumers to view the actual product, while being able to display eye catching marketing content on the screen.