Gone are the days when large companies were the only ones to have access to video conferencing, for the general public video conferencing was considered more of a product based on a sci-fi movie. Today video conferencing is available to any industry and any person, wishing to use video conferencing for various uses.

Video conferencing has become so advanced you can find it almost everywhere, from a conference room to a desktop or phone, even social sites you can find it.

Using video conferencing is one thing, but experiencing a successful video conference is another.

To help you, we have 10 tips to help you experience a successful video conference.

1. If you can’t see the participant/s, they can’t see you

Always remember that you need to remain in the picture/frame during the entire video conference. There is no point walking towards an area in the room you are based and you continue to talk. The participant will hear you but not see you due to the camera is stationary, not mobile.

2. Keep your voice tone/volume normal

With all respects to some people, but some people have a tendency to “shout” when on a phone call or video conferencing. Place the microphone in an area that’s near to you, as it will pick up your voice clearly, and you don’t need to shout, speak normally. A great idea, is to test the microphone/s prior to the conference call.

3. Make sure that the room is well lit

Firstly make sure that all curtains around the room are closed, having the glare coming into the room won’t give a clear image of you on the participant’s screen. Rather use either the lighting system from the room, some conference rooms are designed specifically for this purpose. Alternatively, get a lamp or alternate to a light to place in the same room as you, but place it strategically.

4. Cellphones = OFF!

In a video conference, the microphone will pick up any extra sounds in the background (pets, kids & cellphones). If you are in a video conference for a meeting or just a general chat with someone, rather be safe and switch your cell phone off. We can all agree that hearing that frequency sound coming from a cell phone can become an annoyance.

5. Camera Angle

Prior to your video conference, position the camera so that it will put you in the frame where you will be seated or standing. The last thing you wish to experience is the camera being positioned incorrectly and instead of the participants seeing you they will see a wall that talks. Test out the positioning of the camera prior to the meeting.

6. Clothing attire

Some people choose to wear clothing items that contain:

  • Plaid
  • Checkers
  • Polka Dots
  • Leopard Prints

When it comes to a video conference, to avoid any distractions, rather wear a clothing item that has neutral and plain colours.

7. Don’t wear a hat!

Before you begin the video conference, make sure that you look presentable. First impressions can make or break your reputation very quickly. If you are feeling tired, don’t resort to wearing a item to cover your face, make a plan to freshen up.

8. Keep Multitasking to a minimal

if you are in a video conference, keep your multitasking to a minimal. Keep all your focus on the meeting itself instead of other distractions.

9. Don’t show attitude

A common error people tend to make is rolling their eyes at someone, advice: DON’T DO IT! There are participants in the meeting watching you, if you do disagree with something don’t react in a way that all participants can read your body language.


10. Don’t forget to mute

A few years back, a infamous incident occurred  in a sporting event where a commentator called the sportsman a terrorist after he took a amazing catch. The commentators mistake was he forgot that the microphone wasn’t on mute, and he faced the consequences.

We have all experienced similar instances to these. It takes one small distraction and you can forget to mute the microphone. Rather keep your focus/attention on the video conference.