Businesses and people alike, are beginning to use video conferencing, allowing communication to be more accessible.

Businesses use video conferencing as a means to have meetings, doctors use the technology to diagnose patients located either in far or remote locations. Students are also using the technology to participate in webinars or lectures.

The 3 industries mentioned above are the most common industries that use video conferencing, are there other industries that also use video conferencing for other means?

Let us take a look at some unique uses of video conferencing:

1. Disaster & Crisis Management

There are companies which deal with homeland security threats in the US which use video conferencing to engage with the United States government. A great example to see how this functionality works, those who are fans of  the TV show: NCIS Los Angeles . Video Conferencing is contionously being used in the show.

If a disaster situation occurs; weather emergency or traffic accident; companies are able to brief response teams using video conferencing. Sharing necessary documents/charts with the teams.


2.Music Instrument Lessons

Some well known teachers and regular music teachers, teach music lessons from the luxury of their own homes using video conferencing. Each student will register him/herself on the teachers website. Weekly or daily, at a specific time, the teacher will share the lesson with all the students usign a video feed. Some professors/teachers, also have private lessons with the student via video conferencing.

3. Hearings

A few years ago, for any hearing or incarceration of a individual to take place it required that the person being prosecuted, to be present at the hearing. This could end up being a risky situation as some people reacted to their sentences in a violent manner.

Hall County Courts in Georgia, USA, use video conferencing to assist individuals being incarcerated.

For some who are in medical situations, whom cannot attend hearings incarcerations  are able to attend the hearing using video conferencing.

As technology is advancing, video conferencing is becoming accessible to anyone and everyone. A few years back, video conferencing was limited to only a few specific industries, now its accessible everywhere.