Do you remember when the cartoon “The Jetsons” was introduced to television?

Just to give you a little history of the cartoon for those who are unaware of The Jetsons. It was a cartoon created by a Hanna-Barbera, she showcased a family living in the year 2062, in the cartoon it revealed how home automation technology was a lifestyle for the family. During and after each episode, those that watched this cartoon would dream and ask themselves: “What would life be like in the future?”.

Since the cartoon came out during the early 60’s and again in the 80’s. It gave a glimpse of where technology could possibly be heading. If you look nowadays as to where technology has progressed, you can see its all become a reality. Home automation systems, are real and are being used currently in homes worldwide. It just took the imagination of someone to use the ideas and implement them.

In this blog, we will be comparing some technologies which were shown in the cartoon, and just how some of them have become a reality.  Some technologies though have not been created as of yet, but there are certain technologies which could possibly be heading that direction in the near future.

 Home Cleaning

The Jetsons family were very blessed to have a robot named Rosie, she would pretty much do everything for the family:

  • Cleaning the home
  • Cooking
  • Babysitting the children

Although we do not have that type of technology to cover all the human tasks, we do have automation technology which covers cleaning. Automated vacuum cleaners have been around for a while now. It’s a small circular vacuum system which resembles a very gig ice hockey puck. Its been designed to be able to clean all surfaces around your home, and can get into areas we aren’t able to reach. Automatically once all areas around the home, the cleaning system will automatically return to its port for recharging. A added benefit to using this technology, instead of using a regular vacuum cleaner which spreads dust and makes a loud noise, the systems are designed not to make any noise and reduces the amount of dust seeping out. The technology is amazing what it can do, one extra thing it can do:

  • It automatically notifies you when its needing to be emptied from all the dust/dirt its collected.

Light Control Systems

Whilst watching the cartoon you can observe how they operated the lighting, not once in the cartoon do they press a button to operate a light to turn on, it would automatically turn on the moment they would walk into a room.

With home automation, these days its all the same. Automation the lighting in your home entails, that the moment you walk into a room the lights will automatically sense movement and turn on automatically, once you leave the room they will turn off. Alternatively, you can always create presets for the lighting in your home.

For example:

You are planning to have a romantic evening with your partner, instead of having to adjust the lights to suit the mood which can waste time, you press a preset on the controls and the lights will automatically dim.

Temperature Control

Not once, whilst watching the cartoon did we also see the family need to press any controls to adjust the temperature in the home. It was all set automatically.

It’s exactly the same as temperature control in your home. Realistically, these days temperature control systems commonly will come with a remote pad which is installed on your wall for users to control the temperature, alternatively, they include a remote for the user to do the same thing. Automating your home, is a far easier means to control the temperature in your home, as we mentioned in the above point about lighting, you can do the same thins. You can create presets, to automatically set a temperature to counter the weather outside. When it’s freezing outside, you can press a preset saying winter, for example, that preset will automatically recognize that the house needs warmth which will then set the temperature control to become warmer.

Possible trends to occur in the future

The one thing which is showcased in the cartoon which has not become in existence as of yet is the automatic meals. A family member would press a button mentioning Pizza, and before they would be a pizza all baked and ready to eat, once finished eating, the table would open up taking in all the mess. Its a technology that at the moment isn’t available, but just maybe it could be a possibility for the future.

There are technologies for the kitchen, which are heading towards home automation. If you look at some fridges for example that are on the market. Using automation/wireless internet connection. You can remotely control the refrigerator to operate. Some systems allow you to do an inventory of all the items in the fridge, automatically the fridge will notify you when you need to go shopping. Even more frightening, with an internet connection connected to your fridge, you can search for recipes.

Its scary but amazing as to where technology has taken us so far, but what is next? Home automation is here and won;t leave anytime soon, maybe you could consider automating your home. Start with the small items and gradually grow by adding to the automation system in your home.