If you had to compare the technology we used 10-15 years ago to the technology which we are currently using, it’s obvious to see how much we have advanced from back then.

Already as we speak, homes are becoming a lot smarter. The public is slowly but surely beginning to adapt to automating their homes, some will say they have never used automation before, yet they don’t realize they actually are, a common item in the household which already gives a glimpse of automation is the remote control. You will commonly find a remote control in 90% of the homes you visit.

Smart homes are soon going to become a lifestyle for us, although it is growing, in a few years time, we will be using automation technology for virtually everything. Companies are beginning to introduce products to the public involving home automation technology, giving everyone a glimpse of the future of automation.

Let’s take a look at some systems which have been introduced onto the market:

Sensors Around Your Home

Homeowners can install tiny sensors into areas of their homes such as:

  • Doors
  • Switches
  • Windows
  • TV’s
  • Appliances

It allows home owners to monitor the usage of these items in and around the home, and gives the homeowner full control over them too.

Smart products

Smart products have come in the technology industry with  a massive impact. In terms of automation, manufacturers are beginning to introduce software applications specifically aiming at smart phones, which home owners can have remote control over their homes. Some big brands are already testing operating systems, specifically for home automation.

Your Refrigerator

Well known home appliance manufacturers such as LG, are introducing smart refrigerators to the public.

Just recently, LG brought a Smart Refrigerator onto the market which runs an application allowing users/homeowners, to do online shopping, monitor the groceries in the fridge (Estimates the lifespan of the vegetables, fruits and etc), and our personal favorite, you can receive recipes based on the items located in your refrigerator.

The Oven

We are all common with the basic features of home automation, the ability to control:

  • Lights
  • Temperature
  • Entertainment systems

You will be impressed to know that automation has advanced to more appliances in your home which you can now control. The oven for example, instead of having to wait a certain time for your oven to preheat, automation systems now allow you to remotely operate your oven. By the time you arrive at home your oven will be ready for use.


It’s very common to hear that automation controls your entertainment system. When you look at a music system, wouldn’t it be great if you can control it from any location in your home? Great news, it becomes a possibility, from anywhere around your home, ranging from a desktop to a laptop, you can control the music to your liking. Having speakers around your home, automation allows users to control the music in each room.