The future of technology is happening right in front of us on a daily basis.

Some technologies we originally saw being used in a movie is now apart of our lifestyles, such as video conferencing.

Video conferencing has come a long way from where it all began, to where it has grown/advanced to date.
Let us take a look at some trends which are already being used, but will soon become more advanced and used all around the world:

  • Mobile Video Conferencing

Mobile Video Conferencing is happening as we speak, they are commonly being used on Tablets / I-pads and Mobile Phones.

 Although its more commonly used with the public, it has not become fully utilized in the business world yet. There are mentions that the business world will be introduced to the new mobile video conferencing technology.

  • Educational And Legal Fields

Its starting to become a regular use in the educational fields, students from remote loactions are able to have access to classes occurring in locations they are not easily accessible to.

For court hearings and prison visits, video conferencing is becoming used more frequently.
Example: On some occasions for the public’s safety, prisoners who are being sentenced for serious offences are able to attend the court hearings with the use of video conferencing. Whilst stationed in the prisons.