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6 Dos of Video Conferencing Etiquette

During any meeting its of high importance that you remain respectable not only to yourself but to all participants also in the meeting. If you are becoming a distraction during a meeting, the chances of you being asked to leave is high. To assist you we will be highlighting some key areas of videoconferencing etiquette […]

A How To Guide To Experiencing A Successful Video Interview

6 Tips for Successful Video Interview When it comes to interviews, the most common method is by having a one on one meeting in person. A trend which has been used for a very long time. Technology is progressing to a point where it’s becoming a daily part of our lives, and for businesses, they […]

Items NOT To Wear During A Video Conference

When it comes video conference meetings and personal meetings , there are 2 specific factors which will influence a meeting: The content of the participants they will be sharing Presentation of each participant (Dress code, attitude) If either of these are not prepared prior to a meeting, you will be portraying yourself as unprofessional and possibly giving […]