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3 Ways Video Communication Lets Money Talk.

We are living in a world of reliable and forward-thinking technology, where video communication with family and friends is always a simple click away. We have become accustomed to dependable, efficient video chat that makes our lives easier and communication faster. The same can be said for our work lives, Visual collaborations are fast becoming […]

Four Ways to Help Enhance the Productivity of Your Video Conferencing

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4 ways to improve the productivity of video conferencing Effective communication is crucial for the running of any business. In fact, efficiency in all spheres of business helps sharpen the all-important competitive edge. Video conferencing assists in eliminating many of the physical barriers separating people and their ideas. Along with reducing business travel and accommodating […]

The “Secrets” Of Video Conferencing: Disadvantages

Video Conferencing has become a massive advantage to a lot of people and companies in terms of communication. Although there are tons of success stories about video conferencing, there are those other parts of video conferencing which are otherwise known as the disadvantages. Which are commonly not spoken of to customers. The most common disadvantages […]

Face To Face VS Video Conferencing. Which Is More Effective?

There is a common debate going on at the moment between people who prefer doing meetings the “old fashioned way”, which is face to face meetings opposed to using video meetings. And, of course, there are those who prefer to use video meetings as opposed to face-to-face meetings. There is also a minority group in […]

Solid Advice For The Newbie Telecommuters

If you are unfamiliar with using video conferencing equipment as a means of telecommunication, you are not alone. There are many of us out there who are having to deal with the same challenges as you. Julie Steele, the communications manager for well known company LifeSize, recently wrote a incredible blog about her first year […]

Telecommuting Affecting Businesses?

With the use of video conference equipment, it has allowed Telecommuting to become a new trend in businesses. Some major companies prefer not to make use of telecommuting, just recently a major company caused a stir by banning their staff from using telecommuting, yet it actually does the opposite from what CEO’s assume it to […]

Video Conferencing Benefits for Education

When you think of  industries which video conferencing benefits most, the common response would be the business sector. We have seen that it is taking a turn in also benefiting the medical industry, and now its advanced to the educational sector. In the US specifically, video conferencing is on the increase in not only the educational […]

A How To Guide To Experiencing A Successful Video Interview

6 Tips for Successful Video Interview When it comes to interviews, the most common method is by having a one on one meeting in person. A trend which has been used for a very long time. Technology is progressing to a point where it’s becoming a daily part of our lives, and for businesses, they […]

The Future Is Near For Video Conferencing

The future of technology is happening right in front of us on a daily basis. Some technologies we originally saw being used in a movie is now apart of our lifestyles, such as video conferencing. Video conferencing has come a long way from where it all began, to where it has grown/advanced to date. Let […]

Video Conferencing Gone GREEN!

Video Conferencing is happening everywhere. The days where it was predominantly used in the business world are gone, today, videoconferencing is being used literally by people of all ages. A great advantage to video conferencing equipment is that it will save you Time, Petrol & Money. Video Conferencing is a great initiative to Going Green. […]