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The Future Of Automation

If you had to compare the technology we used 10-15 years ago to the technology which we are currently using, it’s obvious to see how much we have advanced from back then. Already as we speak, homes are becoming a lot smarter. The public is slowly but surely beginning to adapt to automating their homes, […]

5 Benefits To Using Light Control in Your Home

As we mentioned in our previous blog about the basics of home automation, it’s amazing to see how people are very unfamiliar with the term “Home Automation”, it’s only when you explain the functionality of home automation do they realize what they are entailing. To continue from the recent blog, we want to share with […]

Hot Technologies To Include In Your Home

In terms of home technologies, the possibilities are endless as to whats on offer in the markets these days. There are many devices that are out there these days.  Yes, some home technologies that are in the markets at the moment are quite pricey but have you considered the benefits they can provide, not only […]

Alternates To Make Your Lifestyle Easier In Your Home

“Smart” products are becoming the latest trends on the markets these days. Smartphones, televisions are just two of many items which manufacturers are improving to make life easier for us. Just recently, the popular home appliance company Samsung recently brought out an improved version of their Smart TV. It’s actually amazing yet scary to what […]

Home Security Tactics To Keep Trespassers Away!

We’ve seen this scenario in movies, when our aspiring hero/villain is entering a premises, and without warning a security sensor will pick his movement and before he knows it he is locked in a room with the doors shutting automatically. Can you imagine living in a home with a security system similar to this in […]

A Home Automation System Fit For A Man Cave!

If you look at how home automation works overall, it’s exciting to see what the future holds for us. Right now, where we stand with technology it’s pretty much an introduction to what the future holds for us. Can you imagine what is next for us? Let’s return back to the present day! In general […]

3 Things That Home Automation Can Do That You Never Knew

When you think of home automation, the most common functions would be: To operate the lighting of your home Operate entertainment/AV equipment on and off Adjust the cooling systems in your home Its the basic functions that we are all familiar with when it comes to automating your home. But did you know that this […]

Wireless Home Automation

When technology first became a massive hit till its present day, there has always been a common issue that arises: “The Wires”. We can all agree, with all the appliances or electronics we purchase, the wiring takes up so much space and causes a eye sore. Home automation began the same way, wiring would need […]

Old School VS New School! The Ultimate Home Automation Debate!

Some people prefer to rather go “OLD School” and stick to normal devices which they are accustomed to. Others prefer to go “NEW School”, by leaving the old and trying out the new. What are we talking about you ask? We are talking about those who prefer to rather use normal daily devices instead of […]