Education technology is about making learning accessible and equitable to all. In today ’s world technology allows for in-person and remote students to learn together. It’s also streamlined for ease of use no matter what the instructors teaching style.


AVT completed The New Biomedical Research Institute which will form a fully integrated, future – focused and superbly organised research complex that matches and, in several ways, exceeds the best the world has to offer. The Faculty’s biomedical teaching, training and research took place in its Physiology and Anatomy (FISAN) building. The FISAN building was built in the 1970’s and approximately 30 000 medicine and health science students have studied here.


The FMHS continued to acquire new technology and equipment in the intervening years, but the physical infrastructure had not kept up with the research demands and the current building is no longer fit for purpose. The Institute’s main aims is  to investigate disease that have the greatest impact on communities in South Africa and the rest of Africa, and to translate its discoveries into improving the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of illness such as TB, HIV, diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders.


AVT has included tri-model classrooms into the build with interactive whiteboards and projectors to bring the centre into the 21st century for modern day teaching. Conference room facilities and help desk systems have been installed and paired with sound masking and room acoustic technologies.


Unique audio-visual features include full remote learning capabilities with Microsoft Teams enabled rooms and recording abilities with both fixed motion tracking and automated remote monitoring. Automated broadcasting features for sharing lectures and classes over the internal network.


AVT is here to support your company’s IT team from product selection to multi-room deployment on time and on budget to take your educational centre to the next level of automation and efficiency.