StarLeaf Video Conferencing: Bring it in For a Huddle

The demand for fully integrated video meeting room systems is higher now than it’s ever been, for corporations of all shapes and sizes. With it comes the need to cater for smaller spaces, that need to function as collaboration hubs despite their smaller size. With this in mind, StarLeaf has recently introduced the StarLeaf Huddle, along with its supporting portal, StarLeaf Multijoin.

Collaborative platforms enable people to work together no matter where they are or what tools they have available. This is StarLeaf at its core, a highly flexible and intuitive platform for online video conferencing and huddles, with scheduling and room booking capabilities.

AVT can provide you with a collaboration system to improve the way your organization communicates. You can rely on our team of certified technicians to successfully install a collaboration platform for you and your team, ensuring that you are all connected without experiencing any issues, while working remotely.

What is StarLeaf Huddle?

It all starts when your StarLeaf Huddle system is installed with the help of our on-call setup team. It’s basically all the hardware you’ll need to get setup for video conferencing and collaboration. It’s an all-inclusive, plug and play solution, complete with microphone, wide-angle camera, a StarLeaf Pronto Cable USB, for all your screens and devices, and a touchscreen.

What is StarLeaf MultiJoin?

StarLeaf MultiJoin provides an interoperable platform that allows participants to effortlessly join meetings, at the push of a button. This means participants using other video conferencing systems or software can connect to your StarLeaf video conference and vice versa. This includes Microsoft Teams, Pexip, BlueJeans, Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Skype for Business. End to end encryption keeps your calls and meetings secure, and automatic updates ensure that your system is running optimally.

Interoperability is especially useful for the corporations of today, who choose to mix and match their tools and platforms to best serve their businesses and the teams that work for them.

Collaboration with Starleaf for Teams

StarLeaf for Teams delivers seamless integration between Teams instant messaging and the audio and video meeting experience of StarLeaf. It allows you to meet with anyone on any device while allowing them to create, schedule and launch StarLeaf video meetings from within their MS Teams application or Outlook calendar.

It additionally allows for supplier reviews, instant team huddles, and weekly updates. StarLeaf for Teams is onlyone of StarLeaf’s many features, made to pair the platforms effortless video conferencing with optimal organization and scheduling.

StarLeaf is truly a platform designed to work for everyone, no matter the space or tools

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