Your Digital Signage content needs to be catchy and crisp in order to create an immediate impact, make a lasting impression and encourage engagement. How can you achieve this marketing greatness? The answer is simple… by “going social”.

Using Social Media with your digital marketing campaign could add an extra dimension to your advertising. Social networks can easily provide online product information, links to your latest blog posts, coupon codes and an abundance more. This simply is not possible with only digital signage content.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to enhance your online presence while forming relationships with customers and target audience. In fact, social media marketing is now considered a vital tool for any businesses marketing strategy.

So how do you use social media in your digital signs? The simplest way to include social media into your digital signage is to include a URL (or QR Code) that takes the customer to your social media pages. You could consider applying a real-time feed in your digital signage stream, which would allow for all new content to be featured on your digital signage.

An added bonus of Including social media onto your digital signs will be the growth in the number of fans and followers your business has.

AVT can provide you with an end to end strong>digital signage solution, from content management and hardware to installation and content. We source the right display and combine it with the correct software and media players to offer a solution that meets your needs.