Video Conferencing Facilities for Hire

AVT Solution’s video conferencing facility provides a top-class boardroom setup that allows you to collaborate without the cost of buying your own equipment. Our facilities also include a training facility.

For large video conference meetings, we have an agreement with local conference centres in Cape Town & Johannesburg that can accommodate up to 300 people, but using our video conferencing facilities and expertise, thereby ensuring the best possible experience.

video conferencing facilities

Video Conferencing Equipment for Hire

If you need the video conferencing equipment to be setup at your premises, no problem! We have technicians that can both set the equipment up, and facilitate the meeting. We have both audio and video conferencing equipment available anywhere in South Africa.

video conferencing solutions

Video Conferencing Facilities: Benefits to your Business

Video conferencing facilitates face-to-face collaboration among companies located in different cities or countries. The implementation of video conferencing equipment will reduce business-related travel cost, as well as reduce the associated time wastage. It is known not only for the cost savings it delivers but as a green technology that can be a valuable tool for companies committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It is possible to show ROI on this investment in as little as 1 year.