Pexip and Videxio, a pair of top inventors in the enterprise collaboration market, have just merged to become the forerunner in the field. They’ve joined their companies to offer professional video conferencing systems and solutions and the decision has been made to keep the Pexip name. This merger has created a one-stop-shop for enterprise customers and service providers seeking video collaboration technology.

Pexip and Videxio Merged for Better Offerings

What are Pexip and Videxio?

Pexip formerly solely offered their services as a service provider platform and a dedicated enterprise application for video conferencing. Their solution, Pexip Infinity, is a Microsoft certified interoperability connecting solution that works on Skype for Business, WebRTC, and Microsoft Teams. They also paired up with Google Cloud to allow for interoperability with Google Hangouts Meet. This is perfect for peer to peer communication with video calls, digital conference rooms, video streams and online meetings.

Similarly, Videxio has provided all manner of businesses worldwide with cloud video conferencing and collaboration solutions. From start-ups to global corporations, they’ve provided cutting edge cloud service video and video meetings.

Pexip and Videxio Merged for Better Offerings

After the Merger

The two companies decided to proceed with the name Pexip, due to the original company’s strong ties with Google and Microsoft, and they’ve brought over some projects and features they were working on before the merge.

Meeting Connect is a new feature which will allow users to simply join a video call meeting by scanning a QR code. It’s not limited to Videxio systems either. Interoperability is important to both companies, so Meeting Connect will work in conjunction with video platforms like Cisco Webex, Skype for Business, Zoom and Google Hangouts.

All they have to do is walk into the meeting room, scan the QR code with their mobile device, and they’ll join the meeting on their chosen device. Both Pexip and Videxio are serious about the ease of the user experience. People just want to join the meeting on the first try, every time, with no hang-ups or complications. Making the system as easy to operate and connect to is the key to great user experience, and that’s the primary concern for the newly formed Pexip.