AVT – Your Preferred Yealink Partner in South Africa

When it comes to superior unified communication systems and collaboration solutions, Yealink stands tall in the global arena. As an industry-leading VoIP phone and IP communication solutions provider, Yealink boasts an unparalleled reputation, spanning multiple regions and markets. This is why we at AVT, one of South Africa’s premier audio-visual companies, are proud to partner with Yealink.

About Yealink

Founded in 2001, Yealink is a global forerunner in delivering top-tier enterprise communication systems and collaborative solutions. The company is dedicated to delivering innovative technology with best-in-class quality and a user-friendly experience, consistently leading the pack in more than 140 countries worldwide.

According to the Global IP Desktop Phone Growth Excellence Leadership Award Report by Frost & Sullivan in 2019, Yealink ranks number one in the worldwide market share of SIP phone shipments. This is a testament to the trust that businesses worldwide place in Yealink’s products and solutions.

In South Africa, Yealink has been available since 2009 through their official distributor, Nology. Working together, Yealink and Nology have firmly established Yealink as the preferred IP phone brand for South African Service Providers, Operators, and Resellers. This significant accomplishment stems from their exceptional technical expertise and unwavering commitment to local support.

Yealink at AVT

As a supplier and installer of Yealink devices in South Africa, AVT leverages its partnership with Yealink to deliver unparalleled audio-visual and communication solutions to our clients. From small businesses to large corporate entities, our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of Yealink products allow us to cater to diverse needs and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for advanced Yealink video conferencing solutions or robust headsets for your call center, we’ve got you covered. As a trusted Yealink partner, we are well-versed in the complete range of Yealink products, extending beyond specific models and including the broader aspects of the brand.

Why Choose Yealink?

When it comes to reliable IP communication solutions, Yealink products are approved by most leading PBX and Unified Communication platforms. This means you can trust Yealink to deliver consistent, high-quality communication regardless of your business’s existing infrastructure.

Moreover, Yealink has a strong reputation for innovation, continually evolving its product range to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. From Microsoft solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing Microsoft infrastructure to sophisticated video conferencing capabilities, Yealink’s offerings cater to the modern business’s diverse communication needs.

Partner with AVT for Your Yealink Needs

At AVT, we go beyond being just Yealink suppliers and installers. We understand the unique needs of your business and strive to deliver customised solutions that align with your communication objectives. We are backed by Yealink’s impressive technological expertise and dedicated local support, ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service possible.

In addition, AVT and Yealink together offer local training and marketing support, empowering our clients to get the most out of their Yealink products. This combination of product excellence and customer support is what sets us apart in the industry.

Choose AVT as your Yealink partner and leverage the power of the world’s leading VoIP phone and IP communication solutions provider to revolutionise your business communications. Contact us today to learn more about our Yealink offerings.