sony video walls

AVT supplies tailored audio visual solutions to meet your requirements. As a value focused integrator, we assist you in choosing the right brand for your solution.

As an experienced manufacturer and distributor of electronic products, Sony has been in operation since 1946. The company grew from a small local department store in Tokyo to a massive globalised technological conglomerate. Today, the Sony empire stretches across a vast variety of industries, including mobile devices, IT, cloud storage, audio, video displays, entertainment, photography, automobile, and finance.

Sony’s success is mainly due to their innovative products that are not only high quality but also appeal to the needs of the consumer.

Their range of all-in-one professional Sony commercial screens can be used in a wide range of industries and can be placed in any environment. Sony’s aim is to help your company drive sales, increase engagement, and attract consumer interest. Whether you are in retail or provide a service, Sony will have the most suitable and reliable digital signage option for you.

sony video wall

Like any commercial monitors, the Sony range differs from the average consumer screens that have to be switched off every eight hours or so. These monitors were designed to run 24/7 under strenuous conditions.

The robust nature of commercial monitors also ensures that they can be easily placed in any position. This is so that they can accommodate for the high consumer traffic in commercial zones, and alternatively withstand harsh weather conditions for outdoor placements.

At AVT, we are proud to be a distributor of their product. We strive to bring in the latest technology to accommodate the constantly changing market trends to suit the requirements of our clients.

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