Samsung Video Wall Panels

AVT supplies tailored audio visual solutions to meet your needs. As a value focused integrator, we choose the right brand for the solution.

Samsung Electronics is a multi-billion-rand global conglomerate based in Suwon, South Korea. They are currently the second-largest information technology company in the world and have a massive team of over 370 000 employees in 80 countries. With this kind of reputation and support, they offer one of the most reliable digital signage solutions around.

In terms of the popularity of their LED and LCD displays, Samsung currently occupies the largest market share for consumer displays. This is largely due to the fact that they are innovative and continually bring out new technology to improve their products.


On the more artistic side, Samsung offers a range of art wall options with irregularly tiled monitors from any of their product models regardless of specifications. You have the freedom to create your own video wall designs with flexible results.

Samsung has also developed their own digital signage software to help you navigate and control your audio and visual media content.

Take full advantage of their resources and attract potential customers attention as well as inspire your audience.

Like any commercial monitors, the Samsung range differs from the average consumer screens that have to be switched off every eight hours or so. These monitors were designed to run 24/7 under strenuous conditions.

The robust nature of commercial monitors also ensures that they can be easily placed in any position. This is so that they can accommodate for the high consumer traffic in commercial zones, and alternatively, withstand harsh weather conditions for outdoor placements.

At AVT, we are proud to be a distributor of their product. We strive to bring in the latest technology to accommodate the constantly changing market trends to suit the requirements of our clients.

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