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Polycom South Africa Video Conferencing from AVT

Decision making plays a huge part in all organisations, making these decisions can be done face to face from all corners of the earth with our Polycom Video conferencing Equipment

Benefits to suite any organisation:

  • Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • High definition communications from low bandwidths with H.264 High Profile Technology
  • Delivers Polycom Ultimate HD technology: HD voice, HD video and HD content for exceptional performance
  • Perfect solution for a small to medium-sized environment
  • Simplified dialing and directory search when registered to the Polycom Converged Management Application solution
  • Offers smooth, natural motion and sharp clear images for outstanding video

Features and Benefits:

  • Polycom Stereo Surround™, using 22kHz audio, delivers crisp, natural voice clarity even when multiple parties are speaking
  • Manage, schedule and provision the Polycom HDX 7000 series with the Polycom CMA solution
  • Standards-based presence capabilities when used with the Polycom CMA solution allow for one-click dialling to other endpoints, from desktop video applications to immersive telepresence rooms
  • Patent-pending Lost Packet Recovery™ (LPR™) technology provides for a quality experience on “dirty” networks or on the public internet
  • Turn-key solutions available with the Polycom HDX Media Center

Polycom is Easy to Use

Communicate Faster, Collaborate Easier:

With Polycom video conferencing equipment HDX 7000 series, telepresence, audio conferencing and content sharing solutions, your teams can very quickly begin to improve communication and collaboration.

Polycom is Affordable

Lower Costs As You Become More Effective with the HDX 7000 series:

When you can reduce the travel involved with necessary business meetings, you can’t help but lower your operational expenses. In fact, our customers tell us that the costs saved by eliminating travel for one transcontinental meeting has covered the cost of a video conferencing solution .

Polycom is Life Like

Just Like Being There:

Polycom HDX 7000 solutions are so life-like, immersive, natural, and easy to use that the problems of distance melt away. With Polycom South Africa, the technology becomes invisible and what remains are the things people say and the collaborative decisions they make.

Polycom is Efficient

Make Decisions Faster and Increase Productivity when introducing video conferencing system into your business with the Polycom HDX 7000 series.

Polycom voice and visual communication solutions also promote faster decision making since participants can easily hear and see whether team members understand and are aligned—and when they are not. When open discussions are promoted by Polycom video conferencing South Africa, decisions can be quickly reached and meetings become more productive.

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