Philips Ultra Narrow Bezel LED displays

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Philips is an international conglomerate that extends its products over a wide range of industries including electronics, healthcare, and lighting. With over 120 years of experience, it is one of the most trusted global brands recognised by most people. With its headquarters based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the brand is without a doubt one of the biggest representatives of European innovation and engineering.

Philips video wall supplier South Africa

With Philips’ HD video monitors, clients are able to create the most stunning video wall displays.
Their high definition monitors have brilliant features that ensure their products are one of the best:

  • The zero bezel feature means that the gaps between each monitor are barely visible.
  • It has one of the most convenient external designs which allows for a small control pc to be inserted at the back.
  • Eliminating the need for extra cables by providing a display port.
  • Powerful software to control your media content.
  • Achieve colour consistency with the colour calibration tool.

Furthermore, they are able to setup video walls up to a configuration of 150 x 10. That is a total of 150 46-inch monitors that are lined up to create an impressively large video wall.

For those environmentally conscious customers that prefer to use eco-friendly brands, Philips boasts a catalogue that is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to competitors’ products. Additionally, many of Philips’ products are free of PVC plastics and they use responsibly sourced materials to create the greenest electronics for you.

Like any commercial monitors, the Philips range differs from the average consumer screens that have to be switched off every eight hours or so. These monitors were designed to run 24/7 under strenuous conditions.

The robust nature of commercial monitors also ensures that they can be easily placed in any position. This is so that they can accommodate for the high consumer traffic in commercial zones, and alternatively, withstand harsh weather conditions for outdoor placements.

At AVT, we are proud to be a distributor of their product. We strive to bring in the latest technology to accommodate the constantly changing market trends to suit the requirements of our clients.

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