Nec video wall displays South Africa

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NEC is one of the leading information technology companies in Japan. Based in Minato, Tokyo, their most prominent line of business is providing network solutions to government and business enterprises. Despite not having as much global recognition as other Japanese technology companies like Sony or Panasonic, they have been the leading computer vendor in Japan since the 1980s.

With over a century’s worth of experience in the electronics industry, NEC strives to offer their clients innovative products and industry-leading technology. Their sector of professional large screen displays has been in operation for over 20 years and has populated the global market under the NEC brand.

Their comprehensive portfolio of different digital signage models boasts HD resolution and ultra-narrow bezels that allow their video walls to perform to the best of their ability. The bright colours and vivid imagery is a definite asset to your marketing campaign. The professional and commercial-grade monitors are excellent for applications in industries such as retail, medical and government facilities just to name a few.

Here are a few features of the NEC digital display range that make them stand out from the others

NEC South Africa
  • Narrow bezel
    Maximise your image quality by minimising the gap between each monitor in your tiled video wall. The NEC professional models can help you create an almost seamless visual experience.
  • Specialised software
    NEC’s video wall calibration software is specifically designed to collaborate with NEC monitors. Use it to easily balance the intensity across your setup for optimal results.
  • TileMatrix™
    You can either expand the same media content across the entire video wall or alternatively create a video collage with different media content for each of the individual monitors.

Like any commercial monitors, the NEC range differs from the average consumer screens that have to be switched off every eight hours or so. These monitors were designed to run 24/7 under strenuous conditions.

The robust nature of commercial monitors also ensures that they can be easily placed in any position. This is so that they can accommodate for the high consumer traffic in commercial zones, and alternatively, withstand harsh weather conditions for outdoor placements.

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