extron equipment

AVT is certified by Extron Electronics to design and install their Boardroom Automation Systems.

All of our engineers, sales and technical staff are trained and certified by Extron to install and support audiovisual projects across South Africa.

As with the other audio visual brands we represent, AVT provides clients with one point of contact for sales, service, management and support of the entire Extron product line.

Extron Equipment

Extron South Africa provides a diverse range of audio visual systems and equipment including signal processing equipment, configurable control systems, high resolution cables, distribution amplifiers, switchers, streaming codecs and computer-video interfaces. Additionally, Extron offers a range of audio products comprising of amplifiers, speakers, and digital signal processors.

These high end products can be used in a wide variety of applications whilst maintaining user- friendly integration and signal integrity. They are able to control, distribute, stream and switch AV signals from your appointed source to the destination.

Our Technology Innovations

In order to deliver functioning AV systems, integrators have depended on numerous technologies that Extron has pioneered. Some recognised and distinguished examples include EDID Minder®, SpeedSwitch™ technology, and Key Minder®. These technological advances provide for HDCP-encrypted content as well as ultra-fast, highly reliable switching of HDMI and DVI signals.

Furthermore, Extron is an industry leader in energy saving technologies. They pioneered the first commercial Energy Star-qualified power amplifiers. The compact Class D amplifier design allows for clean, high-quality sound achievable through the CDRS ripple suppression technology.

The configurable control systems are also the top notch product in the industry, and is capable of the most powerful configuration-based control.

Video and PC over IP Decoders and Encoders:
Digital Visual Interface (DVI), Red-Green-Blue (RGB), and High-definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) decoders, encoders and recorders.

Digital Video Products:
Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and DisplayPort products including Distribution Amplifiers (Das), adapters, cables, matrix switchers, switchers, etc. for integrating digital video.

Twisted Pair Products:
Transmit video, Red-Green-Blue (RGB) video, RS-232 and stereo audio over economical and readily accessible twisted pair cable.

Architectural Connectivity:
For a professional and sophisticated appearance, the equipment can be mounted on tables, lecterns, shelves and walls.

The switchers allow one output device to receive input signal from several audio, video and PC sources.

Matrix Switchers:
These products allow multiple output devices to receive input signal from a variety of high resolution audio and visual sources.

PoleVault Systems:
Stereo amplification with centralised audio-visual control, switching and mounting systems.

Distribution Amplifiers:
The signal integrity will be maintained whilst one PC, audio or visual signal is delivered to several devices.

Line Drivers & Extenders:
Long range signal broadcast between single source and destination is enabled by Cable Equalizers, Extenders and Line Drivers.

Digital Video Interface & High Definition Multimedia Interface Products:
Cables, signal extenders and adapters used for digital-to-digital video connection.

Adapters and DisplayPort cables allow for digital connections amongst digital video interface display, high definition multimedia interface and display port equipped devices.

USB for Pro Audio-Visual:
USB hubs, switchers, as well as other products designed for user friendly integration in specialized audio-visual applications.

Serial Digital Interface/High Definition-Serial Digital Interface:
Converting Serial Display Interface and High Definition Serial Display Interface signals as well as distributing and switching over long range.

AV Streaming over IP:
Live viewing, storage, playback and collaboration across standard IP networks by transmitting high resolution audio visual content.

Signal Processors:
These adjust a signal to the desired effect. E.g. sync processing and format conversion.

Fiber Optics:
Fiber optic cables allow for long range transmission of audio-visual signals.

Scalers & Scan Converters:
Output to PAL or NTSC as well as signal conversion in order to optimise image quality or match display resolution.

Audio Products:
Signal processing, signal distribution, cabling and other audio system solutions.

PC-video signals are displayed on large monitors or screen projectors through a computer-video interface.