ClearOne View: IP based Audio/Video Distribution and Control

Clearone® View

Adding essential components to the VIEW™ brand IP-based audio/video distribution and control system, ClearOne View announced its first IP interfaces for encoding and decoding displays and A/V components deploying HDMI and DVI interfaces.

Employing ClearOne’s StreamNet™ technology for distributing, controlling and synchronising HD video and audio content over fully IP-based networks, the VIEW MLAV9500 Digital AV Encoder, and VIEW VL9300 Digital AV Decoder allow installers to design A/V and signage networks with a virtually unlimited number of digital sources and displays.

Clearone® IMPRESS™

IMPRESS™ is a scalable digital signage and video messaging system for broadcast of HD video applications. It has the IMPRESS Digital Signage Engine and IMPRESS Composer Software.

Using your own Windows PC and the IMPRESS Composer Software, you can create, schedule and manage dynamic digital messages. It can control one or multiple IMPRESS digital signage engines from a single location.

ClearOne View Manage Multiple Content Formats:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video Files
  • External Video
  • Window or Full Screen Video
  • Overlay Regions
  • Several Different Video Modes

ClearOne View Advantages:

  • Multiple and Dynamic Messaging Capability
  • Compact form factor
  • High Definition 1080p display support for widescreen displays
  • Higher performance for portrait displays and complex Adobe Flash presentations
  • Create content on your own PC and publish it via Ethernet
  • Include text, images, Adobe Flash, up to 4 regions of crawling text, and DivX, H.264 video
  • Remotely controlled by bundled IMPRESS Composer software Alpha transparency in crawl regions and text object fields.

ClearOne View Products:

  • VIEW™ MLA9101 – The gateway for audio to flow into the network
  • VIEW™ VL9300 – Digital AV Decoder with HDMI/DVI output
  • VIEW™ MLAV9500 – Digital AV Encoder with HDMI/DVI input
  • VIEW™ MLAV9300 – IP Video/audio Encoder. Encodes in real-time both SD and HD video signals into a stream of TCP/IP packets
  • VIEW™ VL9100 – Video/Audio Decoder. Decodes in real-time both SD or HD video signals from a stream of TCP/IP packets + Audio Decoders and Amplifiers
  • VIEW™ SLX300 – IP amplifier zone controller, streaming music audio solution, installed AV system, StreamNet™ audio technology
  • VIEW™ AMP2200 – Professional Amplifier with an EIM interface for direct connection to SL audio decoder
  • VIEW™ SL251 – IP-Based controller/amplifier designed to mount on or adjacent to speaker
  • VIEW™ SL254 – IP-Based controller/amplifier designed to mount on or adjacent to a speaker
  • VIEW™ SL9250 – Rack mounted IP-Based controller/amplifier
  • VIEW™ XT9170 – Constant Voltage Transformer converts an 8 Ohm audio signal into a 70 or 100 volts