ClearOne Audio Conference System

Clearone Audio Conferencing is the leading global provider of audio conferencing solutions.

The reliability, flexibility and performance of our comprehensive solutions save organizations time and money by creating natural environments for effective and efficient personal and group communication.

Our Chat products enhance collaboration, presentation, distance communications and multimedia a Clearone® MAX™ Wireless Interact naturally — without wires in your way on the table and the floor.

MAX™ Wireless brings you ClearOne’s industry-leading professional audio technology and advanced processing for crisp, clean sound in an easy-to-use wireless speakerphone. Simply plug in the base unit and start talking. With MAX Wireless you can experience high quality, secure wireless conference calls in your executive office or small conference room.

ClearOne Professional Conferencing Systems

  • INTERACT™ Pro 8i
  • Converge® Pro 880
  • CleaRoom™ 800
  • Converge® Pro 880T
  • Converge® Pro880TA
  • Converge® Pro 840T
  • Converge® Pro 8i
  • Converge® Pro TH20
  • Converge® Pro VH20
  • Converge® SR 1212
  • Converge® SR1212A
  • Converge® Console®
  • Collaborate Console

ClearOne Voice Conferencing Systems

  • Max Ex
  • Max Ex+1
  • Max Ex+2
  • CHAT 60 Speakerphone
  • Chat 50 Personal USB Speakerphone
  • Chat 50 USB
  • CHAT 160 Conference Phone
  • Communications Chat 150 USB
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