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Totalsports is the South African retail football partner of choice and offers a broad range of apparel, footwear and equipment that focuses on football, running, fitness and rugby.

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AVT designs, installs and maintains all digital signage solutions for Totalsports retail stores nationally, including remote content management. Each solution is different as it depends on the shop design, purpose and location of the display. Video walls range from standard 3×3 video walls to more unique configurations such as 1×2, 2×3 and LED panels. These displays, installed within the store and in the storefront, play the latest product or campaign content. This catches consumers attention, creates interest and encourages them to enter the store.

Various professional displays, ranging from 49” to 65”, are located within the store to inform customers about promotions or new products within that area of the store.

All of the content is managed remotely in real-time, giving Totalsports the flexibility to update or change content, to their entire network, quickly and easily.

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