Company Overview

Build it is a voluntary group of independent retailers specialising in building materials and related hardware. It is a dynamic organisation boasting a market leading growth in the hardware and building materials industry, with four focus areas, namely: DIY, BIY, SME’s and contractors.

Built-It Logo

Solution Provided

Two 1×3 video walls were installed at the end of the showroom isles, within Build it. The video walls are used to display supplier advertisements as well as weekly promotions. All of the content is managed remotely in real-time giving Build it the flexibility to update or change content, such as their weekly specials, quickly and easily.

An audience measurement solution, attached to the video wall, collects the demographic information and engagement statics of Build it’s clients’. These metrics, provided in a report by AVT, can be used to make adaptions to content to ensure that they reach their target audience.

Digital Signage Clients