We’ve seen this scenario in movies, when our aspiring hero/villain is entering a premises, and without warning a security sensor will pick his movement and before he knows it he is locked in a room with the doors shutting automatically. Can you imagine living in a home with a security system similar to this in order to keep you and your family safe?

The good news is, with all the advancements happening in technology these days, having a system similar to this scene from a movie can become a reality. As a home owner, one of your priorities is home security. If you have a home alarm system, you will be fortunate to have panic buttons placed in strategic places around your home.

Imagine though, if there is a unwanted guest in your home, with the press of a panic button, not only will your prescribed security company be notified, but at the same time all the lights inside and outside your home will turn on too.

Tactics like these are a reality. The possibilities are endless, using a automation system you can program security tactics to prevent any unwanted guests entering your home. Lets take a look at some tactics yo can use:

1. Open Shut System

We’ve seen this commonly in the action/comedy movies when a trespasser access a home, “shutters” automatically come down preventing the trespasser to either not access the home or leave it. A advantage to an automation system, is you can program the system to automatically close motorized items in your home if motion is detected from the exterior. Alternatively you can program ti have curtains/shades or drapes to automatically close to prevent your unwanted guest from seeing and accessing your home. Commonly trespassers will vacate your premises should they suspect someone is home.

2. Surveillance System

This is great to monitor your home and family. You can connect your surveillance system to your TV in your bedroom to monitor the internal and external surroundings of your home.

3. A light pathway 

Commonly in airplanes, or public buildings, when it comes to emergency situations, there is a system that has been installed to light up either on the floor, walls or ceiling to help direct the public to safety when evacuating. As a homeowner, the moment a alarm/panic button is activated, you can program your lights to direct you and your family to a “safe point” in your home, if you have young children you can install lights on the floor to direct them straight to your room.

4. Alarm System

This is common to see in alot of homes. You can install or have a company to install a alarm system in your home, a added bonus is you can install the alarm to be aimed at specific areas in your home to frighten the trespasser.

5. Verbal Alarm System

The most common place for you to see one of these systems is usually seen in comedy films with a alarm/syren screaming at the trespasser to go away or barking,  or action films when a building is about to blow up, a countdown is announced loudly. You can program the system to play a variety of sounds which can frighten the trespasser.