Some people prefer to rather go “OLD School” and stick to normal devices which they are accustomed to. Others prefer to go “NEW School”, by leaving the old and trying out the new. What are we talking about you ask? We are talking about those who prefer to rather use normal daily devices instead of using home automation. If you had to put these 2 in a ring against each other, it would be a fight of the ages, in my honest opinion home automation would win by either a KO or by points.

Let’s take you through 4 different areas of your home which either home automation or a common device is used:


There are a variety of heaters out on the market these days; heaters which can range from convection heaters,  fan heaters, radiant heaters to wall mounted heat systems.

The list goes on what is out there on the market, but they all have one thing in common: “The temperatures can’t be set remotely”

Using a home automation system, you have access to remotely control the heating systems around your home, you can adjust the temperatures at free will. A added benefit is you can also operate remotely all the heaters in each room to a different temperature.


Having a normal security alarm system in your home is a great thing to have in your homes. But the only issue is that they can be quite costly. A added advantage to the home automation system is that you can still use the same system an alarm company will provide you but now you can synchronize it with your remote device, allowing accessibility to arm and disarm the alarm easier. On some occasions, arming and disarming a home alarm system can become a challenge, home automation will make life a lot easier for you.


Using a light switch in your home is the most common way to operate your lighting in your home. it originally dates back to 1884 when it was invented by a Mr John Henry Holmes. Light switches can really be regarded as old schools royalty, it dates back so long ago. An issue though with using light switches in your home is if you leave a light on and you leave your home for the day, you’ll be wasting electricity and it will require you to add an unnecessary trip from your current destination to go back home and turn the lights off. It can become a stress.

Home automation systems come very handy in this scenario, if you have left any lights on mistakenly, you can remotely operate the light to go on/off without having to waste time. Additionally, you can preset certain times for your lights to come on and off without having to do this individually.


I can admit that a bonus to having a hi-fi/stereo system these days, compared to the 90’s is that you can load 5 CD’s at once and the sound quality is amazing.

BUT, if you look at the past 2 decades now, we commonly use a system that is predominantly a single room audio system, I’m sure for a lot of people it’s becoming tiresome. Why not consider using a multi-room audio system?

Multi-Room audio systems can make life so much easier for everyone. From one location you can access all your music CD’s/MP3’s, movies and the good old radio stations. All these are loaded onto one system which can be remotely operated.


As I did mention in the beginning of this blog, there are people that would rather prefer to use electronic devices as it comes from the store. But when you look at the times we are living in, home automation is definitely a system we should begin considering to adapt into our homes.